Artificial Intelligence Solutions

WBPRO is an AI Development company developing enterprise-grade AI and advanced analytics at the edge, in the cloud, and on-premises
that unlocks your data, now and into the future.

Enterprise AI Solutions

AI has the unique ability to extract meaning from data when you can define what the answer looks like, but not how to get there. AI can amplify human capabilities and turn exponentially growing data into insight, action, and value. Navigate this fast-changing field and realize the promise of AI and data analytics everywhere, from IoT to cloud to data centers, with WBPRO as your trusted AI Development Company Partner.

Artificial Intelligence pinpoints areas of opportunity and delivers personal insights that solve complex business problems and drive innovation.

 AI to Enhance Human Ingenuity

No matter the decisions you make, the goals you set, or the industry you’re in, the possibilities with AI are exponential.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and deep learning find insights hidden in data without being told explicitly where to look or what to conclude. Our AI solutions include comprehensive, intuitive machine learning tools with automated feature-engineering capabilities, resulting in better recommendations for faster, smarter decision making.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables understanding, interaction, and communication between humans and machines. Our AI solutions use NLP to automatically extract critical business insights and emerging trends from large amounts of structured and
unstructured content.

Computer Vision

Computer vision analyzes and interprets what’s in a picture or video. Our AI solutions use computer vision to accelerate intelligent automation with simple tools for image processing, image recognition, and object detection.


Forecasting helps you predict future outcomes. Optimization delivers the best results against resource constraints. WBPRO supports all stages of forecasting and optimization workflows, enabling large-scale automations for predicting outcomes and optimizing decisions.

AI Solutions Design


What our clients say

WBPRO software applications are used by some of the world’s biggest enterprises. See what our clients have to say about how our high-quality development services help them transform their organizations.

We have been working with WBPRO for a number of years and I have to say the relationship is fantastic. The programming and implementation of our projects have been very smooth and I would highly recommend WBPRO for any project.”

Bob Harrold, National Manager – ICT, Exponet

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