Augmented Reality Solutions

WBPRO Augmented Reality experts use AR to give you the ability to blend the digital world and the real world through your mobile device.

Custom AR Development

With proven AR development expertise, WBPRO helps startups and enterprise businesses create AR solutions to delight, engage, and increase productivity. Our end-to-end augmented reality development services include everything from 3D modeling/animation and computer vision to spatial audio and frontend/backend development.

WBPRO Augmented Reality Services can help you go to market quickly with game-changing augmented reality solutions, giving your organization an edge over your competitors.


AR Design & Strategy

Designing an augmented reality experience demands a strategic understanding of the platforms required to power them, and we make this process enjoyable and efficient. Our capabilities includes the following:

Visual and Conceptual


Advanced 3D

Modeling and Design

Rigging and Animation

Optimized VR

360 Video

VR Interaction Design

Augmented Reality Platforms

Augmented Reality Services for the Enterprise

Connecting remote workers

Enterprises can get massive benefits in effective collaboration by allowing an expert to view exactly what remote technicians see and direct them to complete tasks. Technicians on the field can inspect and call on a remote expert to fix critical issues without waiting for the expert to travel to the facility. Technician productivity will improve as a result of better utilization.

Assistance in complex tasks

Using AR to overlay instructions has been proven to reduce error rates in tasks by as much as 90 percent. HoloLens glasses can overlay precise instructions onto the work area and accurately guide the technician through each step, thereby eliminating delays, increasing the ease of collaboration, minimizing disruptions, and optimizing workforce management.

Enhancing virtual training

AR training enables vastly more effective learning outcomes for workers who need to understand complex equipment or high-risk environments. Trainers are also able to mentor and assess a learner’s capability, resulting in higher quality work with fewer mistakes. Assessments on training can simulate real-life scenarios.

Building Lifelike Experience With AR

AR Consultation

We provide end-to-end custom AR design and development services to diverse industries, including construction, insurance, education, real estate, hospitality and more. Our innovations and research in the AR makes it posisble for us to deliver quailty result.

We help our clients to identify the scope of their business concept and then develop powerful augmented reality applications with advanced functionalities. Our experienced development team and domain knowledge makes the perfect technology partner.


What our clients say

WBPRO software applications are used by some of the world’s biggest enterprises. See what our clients have to say about how our high-quality development services help them transform their organizations.

We have partnered with WBPRO for more than 10 years to develop and maintain several software applications. Due to the nature of our business, we require secure enterprise-grade applications, and WBPRO has continuously delivered with great success at a reasonable cost. They are client-focused and go the extra mile to make the product better.”

Colm Keenan
Director – Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc

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