Credit Management System

BullCredit is an application tailored to law firms seeking to reduce the risk of business losses due to client payment delinquency.


BullCredit is an Orlando, FL-based organization that allows law firms to reduce write-offs, establish meaningful retainers, and avoid clients with poor payment histories relative to legal services. Besides helping the law firms get clients who pay as agreed and within the set time, they receive the benefit of good credit confers and avoid non-paying clients.


The legal industry had no method to track customer’s payment histories and therefore was unable to properly manage customers who were a risk to take on. They wanted a solution that could be commonly used by the legal industry to store customer payment history and to calculate the risk of taking them as a client.


BullCredit is a web-based application, specifically designed for law firms seeking to reduce the risk of business losses due to client payment delinquency. The application allows law firm members to search the “Client Payment History” before representing a client and also report clients who have failed to pay within the agreed terms. Law firm companies are clients of BullCredit and they use the system to file and search for reports. The customer is the person or company for whom the reports are filed by the law firm. Each law firm company in the system has one master account that accesses all data related to the company and is responsible for managing its company account. The law firm administrator does the following:

  • Manage law firm staff.
  • File reports.
  • Search reports.
  • Run/view system reports.

Clients (law firms) are able to register directly from the BullCredit website, and all registrations are required to be approved by the Superadmin before clients can access the system.

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