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Fortune 100 multinational investment bank and financial services company revolutionize the reporting process with an 80% reduction in report time using Voice Report – Speech Recognition Software technology.


Investment advisors in the company filed reports about client sessions and portfolio discussions. This was done via manual speech to text transcription. They noticed that this report submission process was very inefficient, resulting in a significant backlog and delays in getting reports.


Time-consuming manual transcription processes resulted in a backlog, causing compliance issues and slowing down client reporting times. Due to security, the company required that all data be stored on-premise with military-grade encryption. Secure API based speech recognition software was needed for integration with the company’s existing mobile application.


Voice Report was rolled out to more than 300 investment advisors. Voice Report’s secure and encrypted API interface allowed the bank to integrate this approach into its existing solution without any major architecture changes while allowing the company‘s HR system to dynamically dictate workflow management and user permissions. The Voice Report – Speech Recognition Software significantly reduced the time needed for filing reports and updating their internal systems.


The ability to file and edit reports anytime and anywhere for greater flexibility increased the overall quality and accuracy of reports. It reduced the time spent on completing common reports by 80% and increased the quality of the reports with flexible recording options and the ability to work online or offline. The modern Voice Report – Speech Recognition software interface, with its read-along player and word highlights, allows typists to quickly review transcripts without having to review each word. Secure transmission of data using multiple levels of encryption helps maintains client confidentiality.



See what Xerox has to say about Voice Report.

“Having the Voice Report solution in our portfolio has enabled us to solve critical productivity problems.”

Raj Wadhwa
Xerox, Canada

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