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Create an immersive environment with augmented reality in field service.

Field technicians are mostly on the move, working in all types of remote locations. They need simple, fast, reliable access to the experts, guidance and the digital resources to accomplish their tasks. Field technicians can take following advantages using Microsoft HoloLens App Development:

  • AR overlays for access to information, remote assistance, and communications.
  • Field technicians get the ability to have two-way video or audio communication.
  • AR annotations can be sent on the device the field technician is using.
  • Real-time collaboration is possible between the technician and the expert sitting in a remote office.

Top Features

Developing AR application to increase the field technician’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

Remote Expert Assistance

The field technician that needs help can stream what they are seeing in real-time to the expert offsite. Decrease resolution time and increase customer satisfaction.

Access to Tasks

The field technician can view all the tasks and work orders, watch help videos, and get real-time access to the information without leaving the field of view. 

Hands-Free Experience.

HoloLens helps you in performing tasks and update the information on the field quickly using voice commands and gestures with hands-free experience.

“Augmented reality has modernized the field service operations industry”

Field Technicians

Field technicians get the ability to carry out hands-free visual collaboration while working on the field. The instructions and information a field technician receives from the expert are superimposed on his or her field of view increasing field technician productivity.

This computer vision technologies help to gather and classify images from the remote site and route the inquiries to the appropriate experts for a speedy assessment of the work order.


Remote Expert

The expert can draw and add graphics to the field technician’s AR headset field of view. This helps the expert deliver real-time instruction to the field technician giving them access to all the information needed to resolve the issue.

AR visual technologies offer a communication platform that enables an expert person from the company to visit a site of virtually and collect evidence to support a case.

Mixed Reality Training

Convert physical static training rooms into an interactive, immersive, and mixed reality experience using Microsoft HoloLens App Development.

Top Benefits

Increases efficiency and minimizes service costs

Improve First-Time Fix Rate

The field service technician gets to fix issues via video stream without having to travel twice, helps improve the first-time fix rate. AR helps to view real-time data of the equipment for servicing, remote collaboration, and support from an expert.

Enable Remote Diagnostics

AR is speeding up the process of troubleshooting. It helps in diagnosing the problems in lesser time. And when a technician requires some help, a senior can easily provide it over a live video from a distant location.

Reduce Training Time

AR system helps in accumulating useful information by recording every service call and creating virtual training environments. It captures the discussion of the most experienced technicians and experts and provides a great source of training.


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