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How Many Frogs Do I Have to Kiss To Find the Right Software Consulting Firm?

Author : WBPRO
April 25, 2017

Three. You have to kiss at least three software consulting firm frogs.

Let’s explore why…

It is becoming imperative for applications, operations, and marketplaces to transfer or expand their online capabilities. Software and mobile app development are showing no signs of slowing down in this environment and each company’s needs will vary. Since no one-size-fits-all option works for most organizations, a tailored solution is vital towards the success of your project. The right consulting firm will dive deep into how your business operates and strategize the software solutions that you will need to achieve your goals. Yes, this all sounds great, you think to yourself, but how do I know when I have found the right software consulting firm and not another toad? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Before Calling Three Software Consulting Firms, Do Your Homework

When searching for the ideal software consulting firm, you have to put yourself in the right mindset. Be prepared with the details of your project and the goals you have in mind. Call at least three top software consulting firms and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions in your initial conversation. Even if the firm or consultant was referred to you by a trusted associate, you need to do your homework. Ask to see some examples of their past work and if the projects are in the ballpark of what you are searching for.

A Warning On Technical Skills Required For Software Development

Good communication and leadership are what makes software development projects successful. An effective software consultant will have some technical skills and experience but do not put too much emphasis in this area, their project track record is a better indicator of the success you will have. Software consultants specialize in strategy and planning, and may also have development teams to implement the solutions they create.

Money Will Only Take You So Far With A Good Software Consulting Firm

You and your software consultant are both trying to determine if you are a good match for each other. Be honest about your requirements and budget up front.  Software consultancy comes in a spectrum of development services and consultancy rates are dependent on the firm you hire. If a software consultant has a development team readily available, they may not charge you up front for the consultation. An experienced software consultant will ask the right questions and will be able to tell you if they can help you with the resources you have.

Once you have chosen your consultant and the project details, make sure to get your project scope in writing. You may benefit from having an attorney review your contract and non-disclosure agreement to make sure the details add up and a fair exit clause for both parties is in place. Other than that, happy developing!

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This article was created by Jorge Campos, Sr. Software Consultant at WBpro.