Defining a scope is one of the most important components of software development initiation. Accurately defining key variables allows for the proper documentation of progress and positions the new or accessory application along a path of quality control. An established scope sets clear objectives and realizes resource allocation in regards to phases and schedules.

What is a Scope?

Defining a scope for your software projects means developing goals and a solid understanding of what is to be included or omitted.

Clearly outlining qualitative goals and contingencies can be the major determinant in a project’s proximal delivery date or a date that is off by months. A professional Software Developer can aid in realizing features and functions that will be required and allocate the appropriate number of external team members for completion.

Why is Defining a Scope Important?

Over the course of a project’s maturation, the predefined scope will change slightly. This is an expected evolution of any software development project because as the details become more evident many revisions will have to be made. The contingency plan for these unforeseeable variables are made prior to a project’s initiation. A seasoned Software Developer will be able to listen and ask the appropriate questions to determine both parties understand the terms of quality measurements and project milestone evaluations, as they are the most common areas of misunderstanding.


Defining a Software Scope Saves Vital Resources

Defining a Software Scope Saves Vital Resources

How to Define a Scope

One of the most vital aspects of analysis after the objectives and common ground are established, is deciding how exactly the project’s progress will be evaluated and what is deemed as successful. From general objectives, deciding on qualitative goals and the intricacies of producing the results are investigated. There are countless ways to define scope, the main categories of perspective lie in Deliverables, Performance and Data, and Framework Structure. Once external deliverables are clarified such as screens or reports, your Software Developer will produce defined internal variables such as the project charter.

Through a successful scope also including functionality, data, and how it affects any business processes, stakeholders and team members will be well informed and included towards the successful completion of a new software project and can expect a more accurate projection of processes and delivery.

*This article was originally created by Jorge Campos, Sr. Software Consultant at WBpro.