Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained holographic computer headset, allows users to project 3D content into real-world surroundings. The Development Edition of HoloLens was exclusively available to software developers by invitation for the purpose of research and development of cutting-edge applications, however, as of very recently this technology is available for direct purchase. Developers are able to design applications in conjunction with HoloLens technology to any industry improving efficiency, reducing errors during developmental phases, and improving the overall experience of acquiring new ideas.


Volvo Improves Sales Presentations 


Aside from being a gaming-industry hit, HoloLens a fully immersive and versatile technology with an endless array of applications in many different industries. Currently, Volvo Car Corporation during the development phase to improve the predictability of their end product during conceptualization.  The display aspect assists in the sales presentation of car models and their benefits to potential buyers  One aspect a sales representative may use to distinguish a particular model are the safety features. with HoloLens, the representative can allow the potential buyers to experience  their state-of-the-art sensors while giving the buyers a safe, emotional, and memorable experience. The new and tangible experience positions Volvo as a trendsetter while increasing their chance of closing new deals.


Trimble Reduces Design Errors 


Another company that has benefited from adapting HoloLens is Trimble. Trimble provides design solutions to architects and engineers and faced a unique challenge during the construction phase of their projects. In a construction zone, dozens of companies and hundreds of workers are often working together. Design errors during the interpretation of 2D designs are often made in these projects. Trimble and its 3D hologram-projecting ability is an excellent tool for improving communication and reducing developer perception errors during construction. 


Case Western Reserve University Immerses Medical Students


Mixed reality technology can vastly improve the learning and retainment of information in the education sector. As a student, reading information is only one avenue of acquiring information. Immersing students with technology such a HoloLens allows students to experience the full grasp of their studies. One subject that has demonstrated to be significantly improved by adopting this technology is the medical sector. Students initially learn by analyzing 2D medical illustrations, but human anatomy, of course, is not 2D. For more educational applications using HoloLens, read our article on virtual reality. One educational institution that has adopted Hololens as a powerful training tool is Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). CWRU to help guide students through difficult courses and make complicated concepts easier to understand while providing a memorable and captivating educational experience.

The automotive, construction and education sectors are just a glance at the industries that stand to benefit from mixed reality technology. For more information on creating applications with HoloLens or ideas on how HoloLens can innovate your business, contact WBpro at