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Mobile Application Development

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer

Author : Jorge Campos
November 10, 2019

Mobile App development is an integral part of most businesses today. If you are an established company or a new startup, in both cases, it is essential to be on the top of your game with technology.

With more and more people using smartphones and using apps to get their things done, it has become a necessity for all types of businesses to have a user-friendly mobile app.

Imagine a scenario where your company offers services related to choosing the right skincare products. Now, it would be much easier for your clients to book consultations or interact through mobile apps on the go instead of logging in to the website every time they want some information about your business.

Research shows that not only the loyalty of clients improves, but there is also a more excellent lead conversion with the help of user-friendly mobile apps.

So, have you made up your mind to get a mobile app for your business?

Well, the next step is to note some of the essential things before you start hiring a Mobile App Developer.

Let’s check those things out!

Set Expectations

Primarily, it is imperative that you are aware of your expectations from a mobile app. You must brainstorm with your team and have a framework of things that you would want in your mobile app.

In addition to that, you must also have a clear understanding of the features that you would want in your mobile app in terms of interactive features, payment options, etc.

Having clarity on these things helps in finding the right mobile app developer quickly.

Set The Right Budget

Your expectations from the app will also help you define your budget roughly. The more features and sophisticated details you add, the better it is.

However, this would also mean an increase in the overall budget. Therefore, you must have a segregated list with essential features and additional features.

This will help you define your requirements accurately to the app developer without diverging too much from your budget.


Communication is an essential feature that you must know about prior to hiring a mobile app developer. There are many aspects of communication. First, you must communicate your expectations and budget with as much precision as possible.

Secondly, the app developer must be able to demonstrate the entire process that he/she will follow in order to finish the project. This must also include the timeline, budget as well as a testing period for the app.

In addition to that, the app developer must ensure to keep you posted about all the essential details during the development process at all times.

Once these three things are clear, you will be ready to hire an app developer. Also, now that you know your expectations and have a rough picture as well as a budget in mind, you can start your process of shortlisting some mobile app developers who seem to be experts in your given field.

However, there is still a brief list of things that you can keep in mind before you finalize one of them. The following checklist can help you immensely in this regard!

Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring A Mobile App Developer

Check Former Clients

It is essential to check the list of former partners of clients of the mobile developer that you are working with. This will give you an idea about the niches that he/she has covered. In addition to that, it will also help you understand if they will be able to handle an app for your business.

It is always better to find someone who has some knowledge of the niche that you work within your business. Hiring a specialist always comes in handy.

Review the Portfolio

Following the above point, you can also go through their portfolio. This way, you can assess the features that they have worked with before. This will help you see if they don’t know your niche too well, but at least they have ideas about the features that you are looking for.

Hence, you must focus on specific features that they have incorporated into the apps and how smooth are those features. Once you are satisfied with the performance, you can go ahead and hire them for your project.

Find Out Style of Working

The style of working of the app developer is also fundamental. There are some who prefer to have guidance while others like to work on their own. Similarly, there are some clients who are very specific about their requirements, while others like to leave it to the creativity of the developers.

Hence, before hiring, you must know the type of app developer you want so that they fit into your style of working too. This helps in avoiding chaos and confusion at a later stage.

Understand QA Process

Mobile app testing is an important stage of app development. Therefore, you must understand how the testing phase works with your potential app developer. You must ask specific questions about the testing process and check with them about how open they would be to make changes at that stage.

These are some of the critical issues that must be addressed before you hire the app developer so that there is no scope for conflict in the future.

Support During Launch

Once the testing is done, the app is ready to be released. At this stage, there can be many things, such as having it on the play store or app store, publicity, content, etc. Therefore, you must ask them how much support will they offer you during the release. It is vital to know if they will take care of the release process of you will have to find ways of doing it.


Mobile app development is a long process, but its maintenance is tricky yet essential too. You must have explicit terms on the maintenance of the app. There is a need to keep modifying the features of the app based on user reviews.

Moreover, modifying and maintaining the app also means working on removing possible bugs, improving speed, adding features, etc. So, you must define the maintenance process from the start so that there is no scope for confusion at a later stage.

Once a mobile app developer is fulfilling most of the criteria from the checklist, you must also consider if he/she is an expert for Android apps or iOS apps. They can be quite distinct. To help you out, here are some easy tricks for you!

Tips & tricks for Hiring an Android & iOS App Developers

  • Have knowledge of open platforms
  • Creative & Innovative
  • Offer reasonable rates
  • Knows business analytics
  • Must have an in-depth understanding of Android or iOS system

Lastly, you must note that the average cost for hiring an excellent mobile app developer depends on some key factors, such as the focus of the projects, its complexity, and its scope.

In most cases, the average cost would be less than $5000. However, in exceptional circumstances, it can also go higher than $10,000 or more.

Final Words

To sum up, there are many things that you need to keep in mind when you decide to hire a mobile app developer. This comprehensive list of items will help you make an informed choice about hiring the perfect one for your business!

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